Poor education stymies Jamaica’s development

The problems facing Jamaica today has its roots firmly planted in a poor educational system, that is not producing the level of graduates that can take Jamaica forward. The corralling of people into what are called garrisons particularly by the PNP who happens to have the most garrison communities in Jamaica is a second part of the problem.

People living in garrison communities are usually fiercely loyal to one political party and will not vote for anyone other than that party no matter the miserable conditions in which they are forced to live. These people are of the belief that the politicians love  them, given the fact that they do not have to pay a single bill, In these communities electricity, cable, water and rent are all free thanks to the “generosity of the sitting MP.

They are provided with very little education and as thus never in a position to make a rational decision on who should be elected come election as the promise of more freeness is too much to overlook


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