Massive crowds outside National Indoor stadium hoping for access to medical care

For the last two days, from as early as 6 am Jamaicans have been lining up outside the National Indoor Stadium , hoping to pre-qualify for access to free medical care on the  USS Comfort.

The team of over 700 medical personals are in the island to provide free medical care to hundreds of Jamaicans , unavailable under the present conditions in the run down health service in Jamaica.

I really felt bad for the people I see waiting in line, knowing that many will not get a chance to go inside and are likely to die before ever getting medical attention.

One wonders why Jamaicans seem willing to give the present government a free ride given the ramshackle system they have managed to create, which is causing so many unnecessary deaths in their household.

Apart from passing IMF test, everything is either going downhill or at a standstill and yet the population seems unperturbed by what is happening around them and instead have become akin to leeches as they seek to extract more and more from relatives overseas.

I have taken a decision not to support rubbish and will not send my hard earn money to foolish people  who have taken a decision, destined to keep them poor and keep making the same decision over and over again.

Once Jamaicans know they can lean on a fence, they will do so until its broken down, before simply moving unto the next fence, while never taking steps for long term improvements in their personal situation.


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