Too many Jamaican Government Minister behave as if they are uneducated, that sugar cess !

The headline above was hard for me to write, because I feel strongly about the matter than the headline suggest.

The government says it is about to impose a Cess on refined sugar, because sugar earmarked from manufacturing and which enjoys a low tax regime, is being fed into the local markets.

How did the Minister come by this information, ie was this reported to him and if so, I am sure it can’t be that hard to find out which manufacturers are beating the system and you simply go after those.

What is complicated about this, or it that I am must work harder to complicate a rather silly and simple matter.

If that is not simple enough, why not step it up a notch and make it a bit more complicated that it needs to.

If the GOJ believes that some manufacturer who have been allowed refined sugar are retailing the product, then they can do the following.

  1. First they ( the GOJ) can determine how many sugar is being purchased by these entities
  2. Have the entities report EVERY month how many products they used and how much sugar is consumed for this level of manufacturing
  3. Have the entities report on their month end closing stock

Have the SIA complete spot audit on the month end stocks to confirm, if what is being reported is real and where any sort of breach is found, impose a heavy tax to the culprits involved.

Damn, its that easy, but in Jamaica we must find a way to make things complicated, which leads one to question the very intent of the actions being considered.

A cess on sugar, would simply mean a pass through cost to the consumer, which translates to price increases.

No Jay, it cannot be that simple, it was Hylton  and Kellier would have gone that route a long time ago.


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