If Anchor prove it can get US$5B in 30 days, the GOJ should employ them as Financial Advisers

If any Jamaican who listeedn keenly to Dr Omar Davis, Dr Peter Phillips and Anthony Hylton and couple that with basic knowledge of the financial market,  would know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for AFG to prove that they can underwrite/undertake this project in 30 days.

US$5B on investments is NOT chicken feed, this is big bucks and is equivalent to the entire budget of Jamaica for the 2015/2016 financial year.

The PNP cabinet (yes d ole a dem), now wants us to believe that in 29 days ( one day already has passed), AFG should be in a position to prove as finances that they can underwrite this MASSIVE project.

Well if anyone reading this can believe it, then they need to get their heads examined.

It really therefore bring into question the capacity of the PNP cabinet to ferret out NONSENSE when it presented even by another cabinet minister and to act in a manner that suggest to the world that we know what is it we are doing.

This is yet another failure of the Portia Simpson Miller lead administration to mislead the Jamaican people, but the sad part about this is Jamaicans will make them pay for this nonsense.

Folks, I will tell you now, that at the end of 30 days, nothing will happen and the much touted $5B investment will die a natural death and Hylton will remain as Commerce Minister

In fact, I would want to suggest that one of the partners will issue a public statement suggesting that given the growing controversy surrounding the project, they have decided to walk away.


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