Nothing short of a revolt will bring about any meaningful change in Jamaica

I recall saying about a year ago, that this country is akin to the story about the frog and the hot water.

It is said that if a frog is placed in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out, however if the frog is placed in a pot of cold water, which is slowly heated the frog will die as it does not sense the change in Temperature until it is too late.

To bring about meaningful change typical means a period of sheer chaos, It typically involves a disruption in the normal way of doing things and normally an emotionally charged environment exist, with people being upset.

Jamaica is in need to change, but here is the problem.

  1. Those making money from the system as it is today, are not interested in any sort of change. Reason being , these changes are likely to result in them making less money, even though it may bring about more equity in the society. The class-ism that exist must be maintained at all cost, so the well connected are very happy with the way things are, as their wealth can be on display for all to see.
  2. The middle class are way too busy trying to make money so they can move from their middle class lifestyle to that above their current pay grade and thus have little time to focus on what it really holding them back. They seem to believe if they work hard enough, despite the lack of good governance and rampant corruption, they can still make it.
  3. The poor are led to believe they have no voice and look to those in 1 & 2 above for their daily survival and are afraid to do anything, to change their miserable life  believing that no matter what, nothing is likely to change.
  4. We tend to believe that our daily struggles has more to do with our own input vs  the corrupt system, poor governance , lack of accountability and wanton waste of state resources and so keep doing the same thing everyday each day and ending up with less.

Jamaicans are so busy trying to being adventurous, just trying to get through today and the next day and the following day, that there is no long term plan to get ourselves out of the hole we are in.

Everyone is focused on him/herself and no collective spirit exist , so the daily struggle of each person is multiplied hundreds of thousands of time daily and the end result is exactly the same.

The failure of people to coalesce around a common cause has kept us where we are and will continue to do so, until someone or a group of people decide that we can no longer allow 60 politicians to screw up our lives forever and rise up and revolt for better for all.

The well educated and well heeled would not want to see people rise up and demand an end to corruption and a change where greater equity exist, its not in the interest of that group our our society.

Capitalism is about the rich creating wealth by exploitation of the poor, so the rich and the poor will always be with us.

Remember out of chaos comes rebuilding and the shaping of a system designed to ensure what caused the chaos in the first place NEVER happens again.

Are you ready for chaos, or are you afraid it will result in you losing what you have gained or stand to gain in the future from the existing system.

What is your position?

Do we want to be like that frog in the water ?


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