NHT Board remains unchanged , but media is quiet !

The contract of the NHT board expired at least 3 weeks ago, but a new board has not yet been appointed. One can therefore assume that the board that the Prime Minister promised would have been changed, continues to remain in place today, just as it was at the height of the Outameni Scandal

I continue to say, as a people not only are our memories short, but even when jogged nothing happens.

One would been led to believe that after the big media hype about Outameni and the acceptance of the PSOJ and other civil society groups of the Prime Ministers promise that a new board would have been appointed three weeks ago, they would have called out the Prime Minister for misleading the nation once again. Alas not a peep out of the people who were so vocal in November 2014 !

Will the real media stand up and demand word from the Prime Minister on the status of the NHT board.

How quickly we forget and move on.


One Response

  1. Well, well I just heard that the NHT has partially board, but I was not surprised that the board is NOT new at all, as all the existing board members have been retained.

    Hahahhahahahah what a sorry state of affairs with goverance in this country.

    This is a slap in the face of the JMA, PSOJ and civil society who all bought the message by PSM, that a new board would have been appointed at the end of the contract of the Easton Douglas led board.

    Hahahahha, this is governance 101.

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