Jamaica Institute of Engineers has finally broken its silence, but….

I have often been very critical of the umbrella organization, the Jamaica Institute of Engineers ( JIE) on its silence on many engineering matters of national importance. The body has largely remain silent on way too many issues and so imagine my surprise when I read about the group, opposing the redevelopment plan for Grand Lido Negril.

The group’s objection is not one of a technical nature in terms of building design and construction per se, but more about the new development running counter to some plans which were drafted many years ago.

One such plans calls for no more than three stories for any hotel built in this area , this plan developed in 1984 was called the Negril Green island Development order.

I am left wondering why the JIE has seen it fit to focus and comment on this development vs many of the more pressing issues such as Goat Island development, the 360 Mw plant etc.

What I would like for the JIE to focus on, is not objection to the building itself based on a 30 yr old order, but more so, how we can ensure that this new development is “green” in its nature ie how can the development be done to bring a about  harmony between the building and the environment.

I am therefore a bit disappointed  with the JIE as I believe their focus on this matter is off the mark and they really need to wheel and come again.

JIE is not an environmental lobby group and much stop acting like one. Engineering is about finding solutions vs objecting to development.

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