Anchor Financial Group LLC is not registered with the USA SEC !

Anchor Financial Group LLC  submitted an application as investment advisor with the SEC in 2009, but has not been submitted any sort of information either as Registered Investment Advisor or as SEC Exempt Report Advisory based on the  latest SEC report dated April 1, 2014.

Here is the copy of the original application and as can been seen from the website, the company has no current record on file or has ever filed any sort of records.

anchor financial llc

SEC web-link can be found here

Once again the PNP seems to get caught IN BED with a firm which likes Jamaica so much, they offer an unsolicited proposal for a major development to the tune of billions of dollars and we readily accept it as a major achievements.

The information above was gleaned in exactly 15 minutes of research.

Now why have I chosen this angle in my research, well  here  is why.

Anchor Financial Group LLC say this about itself

Our Services

  1.  Financial Planning                                                  
  2. Investment Management
  3. Retirement Planning
  4. Risk Management   

The rules in the USA requires ALL investment managers to be in one of two categories

  1.      SEC registered Investment Advisor
  2.       SEC exempt Report Advisor

This company does not appear in any of these categories which raises a BIG RED flag for me.

I hope the Minister can explain this to us.

The firm is the one announced by the Minister to be part of US$5B investment in logistics hub development in Jamaica.

Based on my 15 minutes of research, there will be NO US$5B development and like the Ghost Film Studio at the Old Goodyear Tire Manufacturing facility, this will be yet another non started by a failing Minister who seems to be fllowing closing in the foot steps of Minister of Announcements, Phillip Paulwell.



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