PNP Ministers are the worst negotiators ever

I continue to be alarmed at the level of leverage given to PNP politicians as they seek to negotiate “deals” for the Jamaican economy.

Rarely have I seen such incompetence, lack of research, failure to exercise due diligence as I have seen from people  like Phillip Paulwell, Robert Pickersgill, Omar Davis and now it appears that Mr Non Performer, Anthony Hylton has joined the party.

These guys seem to have some magic portion which allows so called investors to just provide them with expression of interest in a project and provide proposals  to invest billions of dollars in Jamaica, at the drop of a hat.

It is often found that most of the so called interested parties have over inflated their resumes and cannot do what they claim to do, but our politicians are so gullible, they sign the dotted line without even understanding what they are signing to.

This MOU being considered for signature by Anthony Hylton needs to be properly examined, so as a people we know what we are being exposed by these guys who have zero idea how to negotiate deals that are in the interest of the country vs trying to make a name for themselves.

It bothers me however, that those intellects up at UWI and UTECH appears to offer NOTHING to the public in terms of helping them to understand what is really  going and is doing a great disservice to this country.

This madness has got to end. I have never seen a bunch of people who appears to have little or no interest in how the country is being governed.


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