Children killers in Clarendon, most likely are themselves teenagers

I am of the strong belief that the killers of those 3 boys in Moneymusk housing development in Clarendon are themselves teenagers.

Jamaican men are known to be animals, but the barbarity of this act appears to be the work of youngster seeking to make a name for themselves as they are on the verge of becoming  gang members.

Despite the barbarity of our hardened killers, I fail to see older guys demanding money from 13- 16 year olds and then killing them, when there demands are not met.

I would encourage to police to look for teenagers between the ages of 17 – 19 and who are recent graduates of schools in and around this area. This is mostly likely there first murders, but its also likely not their first violent encounter with members of the very same community.

These young animals are stupid and senseless and it should not take more than 36 hrs to round them up and charge them for the four murders.

Community members should NOT shelter these animals and must flush them out to the cops without delay.

We cannot afford to allow these animals to room the streets free.


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