NSWMA board derelict in their duty; failed to protect a loyal comrade.

The board of the NSWMA apparently has been dissolved and a new board is to be constituted.  I did not believe the board would have survived having been sleeping on the job, but to my amazement, the reason for the board going has nothing to do with their fiduciary failure as most sensible person would have imagined.

In a country where accountability is almost non-existent, the board was not chastised by the Minister of Local Government over its failure to properly account for over $800m in unverifiable expenses, no folks, that is not how it works in Jamaica.

Instead, the board is being terminated( asked to resign) having failed to agree amongst its members to give Jennifer Edwards another  3 year contract and  another  basket to carry water, WTF !

Failure to properly account for tax payers money is NOT important for the PNP, however failure to hand a loyal comrade a lucrative new contract is UNACCEPTABLE and so the board must go,

This is accountability  PNP style.

Welcome to Jamrock, the place of  ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY  and the capital of CRONYISM


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