Shameless, Andrew Holness !

Andrew Holness by virtue of this embarrassing loss must now resign as JLP leader. The man is a liability to the JLP and is fast becoming an asset to the PNP.

Andrew has no moral authority to lead his now dysfunctional party and needs to step aside to give the party a fighting chance at the next election.

The recent ruling of the Constitutional Court gave rise to a public controversy. As a consequence, I sought the advice of a team of highly qualified lawyers experienced in Constitutional/Parliamentary matters.

As a result of their advice and the need to bring clarity to the issues at hand, I filed an appeal.

The Court of Appeal having now handed down its decision, closure has been brought to the legal issues. This will now enable the Party to focus its full attention on the business of the people.

Clearly his advisers are not so experienced at all having advised him incorrectly on more than one occasion.

Does Andrew Holness truly believes he can simply cast this aside and get on with the business of the people, hell no Andrew, it does not work like that.

If Andrew refuses to resign, the JLP is doomed to remain in opposition for a long time


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