PNP women’s movement silent on murdered girls, but vocal on waste (mis)management

The PNP women’s movement has got to be one of the worse women’s movement anywhere in the western hemisphere. Ther group is dumb, deaf and blind to anything that takes place in Jamaica and only speaks if a PNP woman is affected.

  1. Murdered preganat 14 yr stuffed in sheet and dumped near a river; PNP women silent
  2. 13 yr old pregnant girl from St Thomas murdered; PNP women silent
  3. 11 yr impregnated by 52 yr old man; PNP women silent
  4. Mentally challenged female teenager locked under and cellar and mistreated; PNP women silent
  5. Jennifer Edwards dismissed for poor leadership; PNP Women stage demonstration

Who does the PNP women’s movement represents ?

What a shame lot !


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