Lee Kuan Yew – from poverty to prosperity, Portia Simpson Miller- Oxtail to Fishtail

Lee Kuan Yew has died at age 91 and has been credited for taking Singapore from a malaria and poverty stricken nation with no natural resources to one on economic prosperity. The transformation of this nation is considered to be a modern day miracle and speaks to the sheer determination of the man and his vision for the what a prosperous nation should resemble.

Lee Kuan Yew in his book about the former leader or the PNP, MIchael Manley describe the late Manley as a man with chaotic views.

The views held by a true nation builder maybe used to describe why this country after being lead by the PNP for close to 22 out of the last 26 years has moved from the brink of prosperity to poverty in about the same time Singapore mover from poverty to prosperity.

The PNP campaigned in the last election about getting Jamaica to a state where Oxtail could be on the diet, given that the people were only eating chicken back.

Well as luck would have it, Jamaicans are now unable to buy chicken back and $70 per pound and have resort to eating Fishback.

So in less than 3 years, the PNP has moved a huge part of the country from a possible meal of OXTAIL to FISHTAIL.

The PNP led by Portia Simpson Miller should stop using the work prosperity in her speech, because she and the PNP has done nothing in their 30 odd years from independence to make this country a better place and frankly I don’t believe. the have the ability to do so despite the faith that a large percentage of the population have in them.

No take a look below at what Jamaicans have to be eating to stay alive under the PNP.



IMG-20130908-01014 IMG-20130908-01013 IMG-20130908-01012 IMG-20130908-01011

Chickenback ( Absolutely no meat)

Jamaicans new meat

Jamaicans new meat – Pork skin

The above is how the PNP has moved Jamaica  with huge amount of natural resources from possible Prosperity to Poverty.

Well done PNP.


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  1. The pnp has not said anything, because too many in that party Singapore is not democratic

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