PNP has taken Jamaica to a new low; Fish back now a part of the Jamaican diet

When I heard leader of the opposition Andrew Holness speaking in parliament yesterday and said people were so poor they were buying fish back I had a hearty laughter. I said, what on earth is Andrew talking about, I am close to the action and I had never heard about fish back before yesterday. I guess I am not as close to the action as I thought, as it was only today, I was able to confirm that fish back actually exist. So you are wondering what is fish back. Well , fish back is what is left after all the flesh from the fish had been removed ie the head, the center bone and the fish tail. So after the PNP promised oxtail, the people now end up having FISH TAIL as a cost of $36 per lb as Oxtail is way too expensive. So where can you get fish back to purchase? Fish back is now available at Rainforest stores.



Instead of Oxtail , Comrades are now feeding on a diet of FISH TAIL ( as per the receipt)


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  1. Our corner dark. I can tell you that after this IMF programme is finished we will have to go back to them. There will be no growth and the sacrifice Jamaicans have made will be all to naught.

  2. […] PNP has taken Jamaica to a new low; Fish back now a part of the Jamaican diet ( […]

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