You cannot hold someone accountable for their job if they were not there on the job

This single statement sums up Portia Simpson Miller’s views on accountability and explains why her cabinet if packed full of incompetence and non performer who are guaranteed as job no matter what.

This explains why Phillip Paulwell, Richard Azan, Robert Pickersgill , Anthony Hylton, AJ Nicholson, all have a job despite their failure to perform.

The Prime would say

It is not they who are not performing, its the people who report to them, so how can I fire a minister if his people fail to perform. He is not always there, so how can he be held accountable for what his people do or fail to do, I just don’t understand Jamaicans

Clearly the Prime Minister and the PNP does not know or care to understand what accountability means and this explains the state the country is in today, with everything falling apart, except what is being monitories by NON JAMAICANS

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