Dumbest Portia statement !

Jennifer was not at the dump when it caught fire. She was not there so she could not have been the one who set the dump on fire.
If she was the one who had set the fire, I would have fired but.

Since she did not set the fire I don’t see why people are calling for her to be fired.

We cannot hold somebody responsible for a fire on the dump that was not there on the dump. Its not the first time that there has been a fire on the dump….

Jamaican Prime Minister.



5 Responses

  1. Portia does have special skills when communicating with the masses. Now you know why she minimizes her interactions with the media and shy away from issuing public statements. She knows she is in an untenable position. One way or the other, she will be criticized.

    I think Jay should be called out on this one for “baiting” the Prime Minister to speak….calling for Ms. Edwards firing. I’m glad Comrade Portia break it down for you Jay. Jennifer was in her bed fast asleep when some bottom feeders deliberately set that fire without Jennifer egging them on or instructing them to set that fire or being on the crime scene. Jay, please give both ladies a break and stop drawing the PM tongue. If you persist, then be prepared for the words of wisdom that emanates from her mouth.

    • Jennifer was just fired or put another way her contract was not renewed . Now that is a break, don’t you agree. Portia should lose her “contract” next.

      • No, win elections instead of attempting to creating havoc and mayhem. Tell, what has been accomplish here with the non-renewal of Ms. Edward’s Contract? Will be see a lessening of fires at the dump or a continuation of the trend from back in 2008? Is this a case where the Managing Director was put in a no-win situation and convinced herself that she can turn things around, if given the resources to do an effective job? Jay must be beaming with pride be a contributor to the destruction of another outstanding Jamaican, who just happens to find herself on the other side of the political divide. I see you are eyeing the NHT Board for more resignations or is it, non-renewal of Contracts?

        We know how you operate Jay. You feed off negativity and the failures of others, while exalting and heaping self-praise on one’s self. Your life must be miserable eh Jay?

  2. Jay this is the same woman who claimed that she did not fire Fenton Ferguson because when she needs him to clean her constituency he is there. Portia is just not ready for governance and she will never be ready

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