PNP Government punishes Jamaicans for low oil and the country is SILENT !

While many Jamaicans were thankful for break from low oil prices, the PNP government was lurking in the background trying to figure out how to screw over the country once again and so hatch a brilliant plan.

Not satisfied that oil prices were low, electricity cost was trending down, and lower operating cost in the manufacturing was being experienced, the PNP government decided that profits from Petrojam were too low and that had to change in a hurry. Even while oil prices were trending lower, Petrojam added $12 per litre to unleaded gas in a matter of 4 weeks, no doubt to try and regain lost revenue.

The government could not wait for gas prices to go back to its original levels, decided to hasten this process and choose to add another $7.0 per liter to fuel cost on the backs of the suffering Jamaican public.

I am still amazed at the reaction of the public, which really is a indication that this country has become numb to whatever happens and appears to be in a daze as they are assaulted by the Government in almost every sphere of life.

Despite all the revenue being collected in this country and financial aid we have received, its hard to tell where all the money is going, but still the people seem not to care about the lack of accountability particularity on the part of PNP  in Government.

The people of this country will continue to suffer for their seemingly high level of tolerance to the CRAP that is being dished  out on a daily basis by the government and I am not sure things can ever get better if we continue to display this nonchalant attitude, as in a few years to come, this place will be beyond redemption.

I have zero faith in the ability of the PNP to bring about growth and prosperity, while on the other hand the JLP is doing everything to keep the PNP in power for that much longer, which means they can collect a salary for doing nothing.


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