Jennifer Edwards did not set the fire, so no reason to fire her.

It has been reported that when questions about for the head of the NSWMA to be fired the Prime Minister is reported to have said

“she didn’t set the fire I’m not sure why anyone would call for her head to roll”

If that is not the reasoning of a simpleton, that I don’t know what is.

The Prime Minister continues to miss the big picture and her refusal to act like a manager and address gross incompetence on the part of the people she place in public office, then Jamaicans and Jamaica will continue to suffer as it is currently doing.

Jennifer Edwards is clearly out of her depths in this position and must not keep her job for another day.  i am not sure what else we are waiting to see to  convince us that she is completely INCOMPETENT and can no longer hold unto this political job having failed miserably as a member or parliament .


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  1. Only the PNP could offer such a ridiculous reason for lack of accountability and get away with it.

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