Riverton smoke issue is a public health emergency !

The situation at the Riverton city disposal site is the worse that I have ever seen and once again epitomizes the gross mismanagement of the government. The problem at this land fill has gone on for years and seems to get worse each year, causing wide spread respiratory issues and millions of dollars in medical bills and lost production hours.

The health minister has said it is not an emergency, as is not like a flood, but the minister appears to be misguided and is once again showing gross ineptitude in the matter, which is a health emergency and demands such a response.

People as far away as 11 miles in Bull Bay are being affected by the smoke, which seems to be worse in the early morning and in the nights.

Removal of the site is really not the problem, its the rather extremely poor management of the site and the decision by this government to continue to place party hacks to manage the site vs qualified people who have expertise in this area.

The Jamaican population must accept full responsibility for yet another failure of this government, which despite the faith shown in time by their continuous time in power, continues to fail the people and the country.

I can assure you that if the dump were to be part of the IMF program, the problem would be fixed in a matter of months, but that won’t happen, given that six guys from Washington have more balls and power than the 2.7 million people living in the country and the 1.7m who are eligible to vote.

Amazing !


One Response

  1. Dr Furgeson said it was a public health emergency.

    Well folks, the PNP is not only going to make us poor, it will kill many of us.

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