Jennifer Edwards must be fired with immediate effect !

This woman is the worse manager ever of the NSWMA and needs to be removed from the job in hurry before she cause the next disaster.

Jennifer Edwards failed to keep the streets clean which exacerbated the Chik-V problem and here she is once again, presiding over the biggest failure on the land fill since it was created many years ago.

Clearly, Jennifer Edwards is not qualified for this job and must be removed forthwith !


4 Responses

  1. Evry week yuh call for a PNP Cabinet Minister and/or MP to resign. To date, not a single one has resigned. Not satisfy with your batting average in the resignation arena, you have now targeted PNP-aligned Appointees,calling for Ms. Edwards to be “removed from the job in hurry”. Did you call for the resignation of the JLP Appointee, Mrs. Joan Gordon-Webley, who confronted some of the same issues Ms. Edwards is facing, albeit, at a much lower salary than Mrs. Gordon-Webley?

    Maybe you can offer some solution to these fires at the dump and how they can be mitigated. If my memory is as good as yours, I remember you making the claim that these fires were deliberately set my eat-a-food contractors. Right JajayJa?

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