Is there a “mole” within the JLP Central Executive Committee

I am suggesting that there is a mole within the ranks of the JLP and as mole would suggest, the intent of this individual is to help destabilize the party.

How else can one explain the fact that no JLP meeting is ever a secret, that is the information from these meeting are always made available to the media within minutes after the meeting has ended.

The Central Executive met last Sunday and a recording of that meeting has already been made available to the media. We have never seen this sort of thing taking place in the PNP.

I am well aware that people want Andrew out and out he should be because ” him nuh rerady yet”.


2 Responses

  1. I would not necessarily say a mole is within the ranks of the JLP, I am thinking more along the lines of too many people want to be chief and no Indians. A leader was chosen, rally around the chosen leader and move on and try to get out of opposition. Until the JLP learns and take a page out of the PNP’s book they will forever be in opposition and win a one term here or there. We all know Sista P is not the best leader or the sharpest that the PNP has to offer, but she was the chosen leader so all her colleagues rally around her and put one face forward as the “PNP”.

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