Why Jamaicans continue to put faith in a inexperienced pilot and crew ? Air Jamaica headed for Disaster

I am certain that if we were to fly from here to New York with a an inexperienced pilot, co pilot and cabin, we would be extremely concerned and more than like will not fly at all.

Jamaicans have turned over the country to a an inexperienced pilot, who also has a inexperienced co-pilot by her side and a cabin crew that is virtually useless, but expect them to get us to our destination safely. What are the chances of that ever happening.

A pilot must know intimate with the workings of the instruments on the plane, he/she must know the “ins and out” of the controls and must be able to quickly recognize when something is wrong and take the necessary actions to correct same, before the flight leaves the ground or while it is in the air. The pilot must know where he/she with respect to his/her destination and have a clear flight path mapped out before the plane leaves the ground, there is no time for guess work or making up the route as you are flying.

If things are not going according to the flight plan eg bad weather etc, as the pilot you must know the next course of action, you must be able to think on your feet and do what is required to protect the passengers and get them to their destination.

Jamaica is being taken on a flight by the Prime Minister , who has no idea how things works, how they are supposed to work and if they are in fact working. There is total reliance on the flight engineer, but the flight engineer is not the pilot so the pilot must learn to fly.

It therefore should come as no surprise that the Aircraft called Air Jamaica is heading no where and is likely to run out of fuel somewhere over the Caribbean Sea.


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