Trinidadian Prime Ministers fires 25 members since taking office 5 years ago !

Eighteen people lost either their  ministerial portfolio, their senatorial seat or both since the People’s Partnership administration, under the leadership of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, came into office less than four years ago.

These 18 were either members of the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Eleven ministers were fired. They were Mary King, Subhas Panday, Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Nan Ramgoolam, Verna St Rose Greaves, Collin Partap, Herbert Volney, John Sandy, Christlyn Moore, Jamal Mohammed and Glenn Ramadharsingh.

Of the 11 fired, four were axed in response to specific allegations—Partap, Volney, King and Ramadharsingh—while the other seven lost their portfolio as the result of a Cabinet reshuffle.

Additionally two ministers—Jack Warner and now Chandresh Sharma—resigned, following specific adverse allegations.

Yesterday, February 2, 2015 another 3 persons were fired by this no nonsense Prime Minister

National security Ministry Gary Griffin – Fired

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. – Fired

Senate President – Senate President Timothy Hamel-Smith – Fired

She did not stop there another four other members of her cabinet were removed from their positions

Sports Minister- Rupert Griffith – Removed 

Minister in the Works and Transport Ministry, Stacy Roopnarine,  Removed 

Justice Minister Emmanuel George. – Removed 

Minister in the National Security Ministry, Embau Mohen – Removed

This is a real demonstration of effective leadership, a lesson that is needed by our Prime Minister , Portia Simspon Miller.


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  1. Once you get into the cabinet of the Jamaican government particularly the government of the PNP you are “SAFE” (this is a cabinetry where many person still ” secure” their dining wares)

    • The Jamaican populated must shoulder the blame for this taking place.

      • Portia puts the unity of the pnp before the country. Remember a party that is not united cannot with an election and that is the sole purpose of the pnp, to enrich the lives of its members. It does not matter how incompetent Fenton is, when Portia wants him to clean her garrison he is there, so if you are loyal to the leader there is nothing you can do to get fired

  2. jay needs to migrate to trinidad since he is so impressed with their PM and her decisive way of doing business. When are you leaving jay? Jamaica does not need you. We love who we voted for and if you don’t like it then leave. The PM had to fire 25 of her people because she did a terrible job in the first place.

    • You epitomize the level of mediocrity that permeates the Jamaican society that is keeping us at the bottom of the rung in terms of economic development in the Caribbean.

      Actually I lived in Trinidad for a while my friend and has always been impressed at the way they have managed their affairs.

      Maybe you should visit and someone could knock some sense into your head.

      • jay, why did you leave trinidad if it was perfect. You should have stayed mon. Anyway, it is not late for to go back. I though your bags were packed and you were ready to go? Please do not do us any favors just go now. We don’t want any revolutionaries on paper. Oh, when you leave don’t come back O.K?

        • Go spend a week in Trinidad. Go to Point Lisas and see what they are doing there. Take a look at how they have managed their natural resources and report back to us on what you say.

          It will be a good learning experience and some exposure real leadership vs the mediocrity you have become so accustom to here in Jamaica.

      • Why you like to use big words, epitomize, mediocrity and permeates? We are comrades and we like simple words that everyone can understand. Who are you trying to impress jajjayja? Take your $100 words and book a one-way flight on caribbean airlines to trinidad and tobago. You are a enemy of the state and we do not want your kind in Jamaica. Is people like you that make jamaica what is is today. ungrateful bunch you jlp types. good riddance.

        • Simple question, are you happy with the state of affairs in Jamaica. ? What i have found in recent times is people who are living high off the hog at the expense of the poor and it is these folks who want things to remain as they are.

          These are the true enemy of the state !

    • Jamaica is one of the worst managed countries in the Caribbean and one where failure is more likely that any measure of success but you said you are happy, well I certainly is not happy with the state of affairs.

      I vow to do whatever I can to change the ways we operate in Jamaica and the first order of the day is to provide people with credible information, that will allow them to be more informed and can then make decision based on data vs some other measure.

      Getting the PNP out of office must be a priority as the country cannot move forward with novices at the helm.

      Would you fly with a pilot who has no experience?

      Well Jamaica has given the country to a pilot, co pilot and an inexperience cabin crew, so the outcome of all this is most certain.

      • you were not complaining when you were flying with Pilot no-experience Bruce Golding rom 2007 – 2011. Did you see what the outcome was jay? Now you want us to fly with No Brains Andrew Holness as pilot and co-pilot. He doesn’t even know east from west and his own JLP supporters do not want him and want to kill him.

        • Jay was an ardent critic of the Golding administration and Holness. But to partisan hacks like yourself, everything is about the pnp, it is never about Jamaica

        • Lies and more lies. Jay never criticize Golding or Holness. He might say this or that to confuse you, but deep down he was one of Golding’s biggest supporter and Andrew too. Both you and jay are fool fool people.

        • Simply type in the search field Golding or Holness and see what comes up. I can tell from your writing deep down that you are frustrated with the governance in the country and is really just playing devils advocate.

          You got me their for a minute, but I can see you really do not support the inept PNP government.

  3. @Lipton is also a JLP Diehard/Loyalist/Tribalist/Supporter and hack just like myself. Lipton doesn’t like to be linked to the JLP because he knows it is a losing group of thugs. They cannot win another election because Jamaica is PNP country.

    Lipton will be joining Jay on the next flight out of Jamaica. Lipton, like Jay is mildly retarded and learning impaired. Jamaica will do better when Jay and Lipton leaves. PNP to the worldddddddddddddd

    • What is interesting is I have never voted for the JLP, yet this guys thinks I am a supporter of the JLP.

      I am a supporter of good governance and that is all I want to see and demand to see and I will not be fazed by anyone trying to paint me green.

      The fact is we need to be more demanding of our leaders if we expect things to be better and the soon we come to this realization, the better it will be for all of us.

      • Jay-Jay: Do you know how much it cost for a one-way ticket to Trinidad? I’m willing to buy the ticket for you so that I don’t have to read another put down of our beloved Country, Jamaica. Jay hates Jamaica, especially poor/uneducated Jamaicans like myself. He said that poor Jamaicans are the reason the PNP win elections. We all know that is the mindset of a JLP Loyalist.

        They think that any Jamaican that did not go to one of the better high schools or only went to primary school like myself, are all idiots. Jay would like to give all poor, uneducated Jamaicans only a “quarter” vote. That way he can even things out. So it would take 4 idiots to 1 JLP smart person to measure up. Jay, Lipton and the JLP want to dilute our voting power. That is why we need to ship these two out before they start monkeying with our voting rights.

        • Injustice is wrong.

          Do you know what the cry of the poor in Jamaica has been well here it is ” We want justice, we want justice”.

          The poor are kept poor and under educated for one reason and one reason only, that is they can be sure votes for the PNP.

          Safe seats PNP 21 – JLP 4

          Safe seats are made of largely of poor and under educated Jamaicans and look at how it lines up. ( PNP vs JLP)

          That is a great “InJustice” that needs to corrected.

          You are not poor or uneducated, so stop the lies. I know this is the comrade way of operating to appear to show empathy and to get the poor to believe you are one of them. Readers notice how easily injustice made it sound, typical comrade approach.

          The poor need hope and “JUSTICE” and not lies and pity. !

        • There you have it folks, in Jay’s own words. Only poor and uneducated people vote for the PNP. Only rich, successful and educated people vote for the JLP. That is why the PNP have 5:1 ratio of safe seats to the JLP. I was wrong, in order to even things out, Jay would like us poor folks to have 1/5th of a vote (not a “quarter”).

          Jay, my nick is “Justice”, not “Injustice”. Jay doesn’t know what hope is, even if it hits him in the face. Jay only deals in despair and hopelessness. He operates on in darkness and that is why he hails from out east…way east. Jay operates at nights because he doesn’t like sunshine and hope. Read the blog and show be any signs of hope on here. Jay, will you join the PNP today and step into the light? Will you give hope a chance?,

        • Q

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