ESET approves 330 megawatts of additional power for Jamaica, what does this really mean ?

I read this early today and wonder, why on earth did we have a press conference to announce what was already announced nearly 5 months ago.

  jay wrote the following

Energy Path Set – ESET . A brief analysis of what has been presented.

The ESET team had just presented its first report and I took a critical look at what was presented, so today I was expecting to hear further but this was what was presented as reported on RJR

he Electricity Sector Enterprise Team (ESET) confirmed on Tuesday that it has signed off on the establishment 330 megawatts of new generating capacity for Jamaica.

This is part of the 380 megawatt project that was originally approved, but which was subsequently shifted away from the initial concept of delivery by a single producer.

At a press conference at the Office of  the Prime Minister, Dr. Vincent Lawrence, ESET Chairman, announced that the Jamaica Public Service Company (the country’s sole electricity distributor), “exercising its right of first refusal,” will be constructing a 190 megawatt plant. Alpart, the bauxite/alumina company, based at Nain in St. Elizabeth, will be building a 140 megawatt plant, he said.

The third proposal, by Jamalco, another alumina company, is to develop a 50 megawatt coal fired co-generation facility. However, Dr. Lawrence said negotiations have been delayed due to the change in ownership at Jamalco.

This is essentially the same information that was presented 5 months ago, so in that period there really has been no progress.

What has ESET really approved ?

I am at a lost as to what has been achieved in the 5 months since the ESET first report as nothing here has presented any timelines as to when the project is to commence, how long they will take and when they are expected to be completed.

This lack of details is unacceptable when one considers the importance of this project and frankly I am disappointed in this press conference as it offered no new information to the general public.

ESET needs to wheel and come again !


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