Is there really a threat on the life of the opposition leader in Jamaica ?

Jamaica by all accounts is a very violent country, where its citizens are murdered with impunity and where the Ministry of National Security  and the police all seems impotent when it comes unto stopping the bloodshed. As bad as Jamaica maybe, it is not a country where its leader are ever under personal threat nor has it been this way for Members of either political party .

Jamaicans will kill each other but its politicians it is never known to attack. There was only one such case on record and that was in the 1970’s.

It was therefore a shock to me when I heard last Thursday, that there was a plot to kill Andrew Holness, who happens to be the JLP leader as well as his General Secretary, Dr Horace Chang. It was even more shocking when news emerged that the plot was orchestrated from within the ranks of the JLP and that a partial payment of $3.5m was paid for the $7m contract.

It was not long after that I was contacted by someone living overseas asking if I had heard about the plot and what was my take on this situation.

I explained the fact (as I did above), that is is very unusual for Jamaicans to go after politicians, even more so, the head of a major political party and had very strong reservations about the veracity of this claim.

The police was able to tell us the following:

  1. An attempt was going to be made last Sunday , but this was not carried out because other people could have been killed or hurt in the incident . (Very serous questions here)
  2. The alleged hitman was already paid $3.5m to carry out the act
  3. The act was be carried out no later that this Sunday.

I will go further to suggest that with such an alleged serious threat and with money already exchanged and dates being planned for the hit, I seriously doubt the information is credible. Not only has there been no precedents for this kind of action, never before have we heard so much information about a planned assassination attempt and no mass round up of conspirators and co-conspirators leading me to believe the entire affairs was nothing but a hoax and a serious one at that.

The “information” if one wants to call it that, was deliberately leaked to police and from the police to the media possibly to highlight the terrible security issue we have in Jamaica, but I seriously doubt that anyone would move to assassinate a Jamaican leader.

One may very well suggest there is always a first time, but call it what you may, I have very serious reservation about this claim and if I am wrong I will be the first one to admit.

Clue to why I am suggesting this,  well there is way too much information, way too much details for something that is still in the works and yet there is no mass arrest of those who are involved given the amount of information made available by the very police themselves.

If this threat was real, we would have firstly had the major players in custody and only after that would this sort of information would have been made available.

It therefore appears to me that this move is one of misdirection meaning some “bodies” created this situation to distract the cops from something-else that is going on, but that we will never know as it would point to a failure of the intelligence units in Jamaica.

Don’t you also find it very strange that their has been no word from the Minister of National Security or the Prime Minister of Jamaica ?

If this was really a hoax as I believe it to be, why was it done and who stands to benefit from whatever else was going on during this period of time.


4 Responses

  1. I found it unusual also. With so much intelligence the police should have been able to have persons in for questioning.

  2. Raising the ghost of Danny Buc…”Ah lie dem lie”

  3. The police are reporting that the ” informant” who gave them the information has little or no credibility given his past indiscretion in similar matter..

    I seriously doubted the claim as I stated in the article above and it seems I will soon be proven correct.

  4. I told you so !

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaica Constabulary Force says that reports of a death threat against Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) General Secretary Dr Horace Chang were fabricated.–police-say

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