Inept PNP is at it again, Health sector is being destroyed !

The PNP is a party know for its destructive ways when in leadership and they are it once again.

The PNP destroyed the Jamaican economy in the 1970”s only to have it repaired by the JLP between 1980 and 1989.

Once back in power in 1989 it was not too long before the PNP destroyed the financial sector and with it a large section of the Manufacturing and Agricultural sector and until today the suffering continues from the mistakes of the PNP.

The Jamaica dollar which stood at $5.50 in 1989 was destroyed by the PNP between 1989 and 2007 and when the returned to power in 2007 they continue from where they left off in 2007 and is has now set about to finish off the Jamaican dollar.

Not satisfied with all that destruction, they have now turned their attention on the health sector and the health of Jamaicans. First the government did virtually nothing when it was clear that the dreaded CHIK -V was coming, which resulted in approximately $7B in losses for the Jamaican economy due to workers ill health due to Chikv.

The government did not stop there but have moved to withhold critical funding from the healthcare sector, which has resulted in massive shortages in items needed for patient care at our public hospitals. We are told of patients being asked to take in their own needles , gauze etc as the many of the public hospitals are without these basic items.

Just last year one public hospital ran out of food to feed its patients, which just shows how far the health sector has declined under gross mismanagement by the Peoples National Party.

The Medical Doctors Association last year issued a SOS , where they called on the Jamaican population to speak up and demand change, but as it always has been when the PNP is in power, the people are willing to suffer immense pain without crying out.

The poor are therefore left to suffer and die due to the callous treatment of this  sector by Portia Simpson  Miller and her team, while willing to waste hundreds of millions of dollars paying high priced attorneys for an expensive soap opera.

The health sector will continue to be underfunded as long as it the poor who are suffering and dying and that will only change when these folks decide to direct their anger at the government and not on the poor doctors and nurses who are asked to make ” blood out of stone”.

The PNP has proven time and time again it is incapable of managing, buy despite all this proof, those who stand to suffer the most continues to put them into power hoping that by some divine intervention, they will get it right.

The country is paying a heavy price for its reckless attitude.


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