Wanted, a Prime Minister for Jamaica !

If Jamaica needs a real leader it is right this minute, we can no longer what is being offered to us a leadership by the Right Honourable Portia Simpson Miller. Poor leadership has been Jamaica’s biggest problem for years, but this is the absolute worse that we have ever been subjected to.

It is inconceivable that after three leaders as Prime Minister , Portia Simpson Miller has addressed the nation only twice on matters of national importance. I will disregard the feel good New Years and Independence speeches as while good, really are only feel good moments.

The Prime Minister has displayed a level of hands of leadership never seen since 1967, when Jamaica became and independent nation. Now if the cabinet ministers were performing, then I could understand that approach, but given the fact that not a single one is performing , it begs the question about the capability of Portia Simpson Miller to continue in this position.

We do not need a ceremonial Prime Minister, we already have a Governor General serving in that capacity , what we need is a leader who is focused on moving the country forward even if that means putting the party at risk for an election loss.

I have often said, that for Jamaica to move forward it must be lead by someone who has no intention of being a career politicians !


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