PNP is not the party to solve Jamaica’s crime problem

Pernel Charles is not impressed by Peter Buntings crime statistics and approach to the crime problem in Jamaica and neither am I.

Our crime problem must be laid squarely at the feet of our wayward political system and a population that is largely corrupt, so I fail to see how the Minister of National Security is going to solve crime.

The PNP is not a party that is ever big or will ever be big on solving crime and here are some of the reasons why:-

  1. PNP has the most garrisons in Jamaica.
  2. Garrisons are more often than not are at the heart of violent crimes
  3. PNP strong holds are made up mainly of poor and marginalized members of the population.
  4. There is a strong correlation in Jamaica between crime and poverty
  5. PNP supports the “eat a food” mentality and in so doing turns a blind eye to criminal activities
  6. PNP have more trained  criminal lawyers in the party and in parliament than any other party.
  7. Criminal lawyers make more money from representing criminals that any other kind of lawyers in Jamaica.
  8. Legislation to solve crime (eg DNA) will be solve to be passed as this makes it harder for criminals lawyers to  win cases for their clients .

Folks, one may think I am picking on the PNP, but if one is to really pay very close attention to the issues and analyze the problem, it is not difficult to come to the realization that I have a strong point.

In an earlier article last year I said crime pays handsomely in Jamaica and gave some reasons why I believed that to be the case. Those reasons are as relevant today as they were back then.

The only way to get the party which is in power today to act, is for the population and by that I mean all of us must move to hold the government of the day accountable, there is no other way. We cannot sit by and hope and pray we do not become a statistics as according to Mr Bunting analysis of the graph, we can expect another 20 murders between today and the end of the month.

If that is not reason for the population to be alarmed and get real excited then I do not know what will.

The Minister said however, be calm be not alarmed we are merger more units, we are removing protection from everyone expect us (politicians), but don’t be perturbed we have this under control.

Wow, I am so impressed !


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