Easy solution to our crime problem. Remove security detail from all politicians except the Prime Minister and Governor General

I am positing that the security detail ( body guards)  provided by the JCF be immediately removed from everyone expect the Prime Minister of Jamaica and the Governor General.

The fact is judges and politicians have never been known to come under attack by criminal elements in the country. We are not a people who go after politicians as we love them too much despite the hardship they have caused us.

The main reason for this suggestion is as follows:

When politicians are provided with security detail, they really never gets the chance to experience what the ordinary tax payers of this country have to face with as it relates to criminal and deviant behaviour and so cannot understand our concerns regarding crime and violence.

If they are now suddenly left exposed like the rest of us, I can guarantee that within the space of a few months strong and far reaching crime legislation will be passed, the number of cops in the country will move to its required limits, service vehicles and other crime fighting tools will magically appear and crime will be brought under control.

No politician would want to feel vulnerable, they may still however choose to hire private security detail, but that comes at a cost, which is at their expense and which I am sure they would rather not pay, if the state can provide the necessary levels of security in the country, which would allow them to feel safe.

Will this ever happen, the answer is yes, if Jamaicans want it to happen.

Are Jamaicans ready to change the way crime is attacked in Jamaica, well if you all do let’s move to have this in place by April 1, 2015.


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