Singapore vs Jamaica

In 1960, the gross domestic product per capita of Singapore and Jamaica stood almost equal at $395 and $429 respectively. By 2011, Singapore’s had soared to $46,241 while Jamaica’s had struggled to $5,335.

That wasn’t because of oil or diamonds; it was down to education. Today, Singapore stands out across all international comparisons for the quality of its schools system.

Jamaicans never learn any lesson, we simply make the very mistakes over and over again and then wonder why the country is in ruins when compared to similar economies around the world.

The Jamaican voting population continues to exercise its right to vote, but the sad part about this right is , it has not been used properly to bring about the kind of governance that we need, which has placed Jamaica almost at the bottom of all economies in the region.

The voting population continues waste votes on a government that works in the interest of the party and its supporters and not on the behalf of the people, yet the people continue to make the same mistake over and over again.

Singapore may be a one party state, but this has made the country financially strong and a large percentage of the population able to live comfortable lives, unlike the situation in Jamaica, were over 30% of the population lives in abject poverty.

Shame on your Jamaica and what you have done to the majority of Jamaicans.

Unless we end this stupidity, this number to rise to 45% in another 10 years.


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