Shocking revelation. Finance Minister unsure of budget for West Kingston Enquiry !

Just one week after justice minister Mark Golding told the nation that the West Kingston COE is expected to last approximately 5 months and cost $300m, the finance minister Dr Peter Phillips revealed that he is not aware of the figure that is being “banded” about and the MOF has not arrived at any budget.

It is unbelievable that a COE could have begun, salaries agreed on and their is no budget to guide the process, but then again I am not surprised, this is the PNP at its bungling best.

It therefore seems to me that the budget will be made up as we go along, if we were to ever have one, or we simply move along and pay whatever it cost at the end of the day.

Is this the way the PNP expect to continue to mismanage the affairs of this country and if so, what are the Jamaican people going to do about it?

Simply amazing !


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