PNP is about keeping people living in poverty, while giving the impression of hope

The Peoples National Party has had the longest run in leadership since Jamaica became an independent nation and has had the single longest period of sustained  and unbroken hold on power lasting 18.5 yrs between 1989 and 2007.

Despite the faith the Jamaican populace has shown in the PNP, they have consistently failed to develop policies  which could lead to sustained economic growth and development and have made lives   for the majority of Jamaicans a living hell.

When one look at the poorest areas of Jamaica, particularly in Kingston, one see these areas are largely under the control of the PNP and  have been so for decades,  despite the fact the PNP has been in power for longer than any other party in the history of Jamaica.

Let’s examine a few examples.

PNP MP                                      Area controlled

Portia Simpson Miller                  Majesty Gardens( Back to), Payne land, Cockburn pen

Omar Davis                                 Arnett Gardens (Jungle)

Anthony Hylton                           Riverton City area

Peter Phillips                              East Central Kingston

Even before an election has been called, the PNP have close to 21 safe seats, the majority of which we would call garrisons, where a large percentage of the population live in abject poverty and where squatting is the order of the day.

The house stock is inadequate, the school system is below par, the people are largely semi-literate, there is lack of basic amenities, the  social infrastructure is in deplorable condition, but the PNP is sure to win these seats year after year.

It would appear to me therefore that the PNP has embarked on a campaign and has a policy position to keep these people poor and under-educated, so they can be brainwashed and manipulated every 3-4 yrs providing some basic relief, so the party can continue to enjoy power .

The PNP has successfully transformed over 30% of the constituencies  of Jamaica into garrisons, thus depriving these residents of a chance of living a better life and a piece of the Jamaican dream.

As shown in a previous post, the per capita earning of Jamaica and Singapore were almost identical back in the 1960’s, but just 55 years Singapore per capita earnings stands at US$46,241 or almost 800% greater than Jamaica’s which is around US$5,400 per annun, that is reality staring us in the face.

If the Jamaican society wants to continue with the PNP in leadership despite their massive failings thus far, it must be on the basis of setting a list of priorities for the various cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister and holding them ALL accountable to the people of Jamaica.

The governance structure will not change until the people of Jamaica rise up and riot for change as this is the only method the government respond to. The PNP will be in no hurry to change things or improve the lives of Jamaicans, as the system it has practiced for decades has worked for the party so why make any change.

The Prime Minister herself said ” I will not talk my way out of power”, which when translated means, I will not tell you the truth if that truth means the party could lose an election.

The PNP is not about nation building even those the speeches seems to suggest so, as my grandmother always says ” action speak louder than words”.

Those at the helm of the PNP hold the poor in contempt, giving them a little food here and there, a feel good moment and tell them how much they love them, while doing virtually nothing to help them find their way out of poverty.

Had it not been for the kindness of Jamaican families living overseas, this country would have collapsed already. As those overseas gets older and go into retirement and the immigration laws continue to change, Jamaican will find that in the the years to come remittances is likely to fall and with the PNP likely to still enjoy the halls of power, this country could yet see another financial breakdown and massive social unrest.

Jamaicans need to act now and act decisively before its too late.



2 Responses

  1. Jay, could you list the 21 safe PNP seats and while you are at it, the 4 that you assigned to the JLP?

  2. Two days and counting and no answer from Jay. It is interesting when people are forced to back up their conjecture with facts how they disappear. Jay where is the data?

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