May Pen Hospital out of beds and basic stuff for patients

While the PNP administration continues to mismanage the affairs of the country and remains steadfast in its decision to spend over $300m on the West Kingston enquiry, Jamaican citizens cannot get healthcare at the May Pen Hospital. Reports are that this hospital is only taking emergency cases as they desperately short on bed and certain basic amenities for the operations of the hospital.

We have heard of patients waiting upwards of 38 hrs to access medical attention due to the shortages at the hospital and no one seems to give a damn about these poor souls.

Its a crying shame that a party that prides itself on looking about the interest of the poor would treat the poor which such scant regard and utter disdain. It is also instructive that the poor who has borne the brunt of the PNP onslaught continues to support the party which has brought them so much hardship. It makes you wonder if Jamaicans are predisposed to “suffaration”..

PNP continue to be the best party to ruin Jamaica.

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