Wanted, A real opposition party that can challenge the PNP

If you want to bring about change, you must put yourself in the position to allow that change to take place. Andrew Holness wants a new kind of politics, that Jamaica is not yet ready to embrace.

Andrew Holness is rather naive to believe that he can change the political landscape from the outside and its is this delusion  , which is likely to keep the JLP in opposition that much longer.

The JLP under the leadership of Andrew Holness and a bunch of unhappy campers cannot beat a organized PNP despite the poor leadership being offered by the current Prime Minister and her party.

Like the PNP , the JLP needs someone who can lead the party to victory and not necessarily someone qualified to become Prime Minister of the country.  The PNP has done this successfully, they all know that Portia Simpson cannot be a good Prime Minister as she does not possess the leadership capabilities, but what she can do is rally the troops to win and that she has done.

On the other hand Andrew Holness wants to chance the political landscape in Jamaica, but the only way to successfully do that, is to be in the seat of power, which means you must first win the damn election.

No good plans can be implemented as opposition leader and if they were to pass on those plans to the governing party, they will simply take them, implement them as their own and keep on winning.

Andrew Holness and the JLP must have come to realize by now, that before going into an election the seat count is already 21 PNP  to 4 JLP, which leaves the party with a mountain to climb and the only way to win is to dismantle some of the PNP ” safe” seat.  With maybe a year to go before elections, the JLP has yet to do much work in this regard and from where I sit, unless the diehard PNP fail to go out and vote and the articulate minority decide enough of mindless and inept PNP leadership, then Andrew Holness and the JLP maybe looking at another 5 years in opposition.



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