The truth must be told. Will the Tivoli Enquiry give us the truth?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

If one were to look at the results of past Commission of enquiries, one would be hard pressed to find one that exposed the raw truth about what the commission had set out to uncover.

The commission of enquiries that have been held in Jamaica have been very expensive for a small poor country as ours and the returns from the monies that have been “invested” have been all negative , barring none.

We pay expensive lawyers, secretary, legal luminaries, chairmen, deputy chairmen millions of dollars at international accepted market rates, but oh my goodness, the level of output has been abysmal to say the least.

I cannot blame the legal folks who stand to benefit the most from this enquiry as they have done in past enquires, instead I blame the people of Jamaica who have stood by and allowed this to take place, while they cannot get basic treatment at our public hospitals.

The finsac equiry, which was set out to uncover the truth about the biggest disaster this country has ever witness still needs $10m to have the report completed, but the PNP has no intention of providing this money , at least not before an election year. Let’s face it, the financial meltdown occurred under a previous PNP administration and if the PNP were to give the commissioners more money at this time, the report would surface too close to the next election, which is something the PNP simply cannot afford.

The West Kingston situation however occurred under the previous labour party government and so the PNP will expend any amount to money to uncover the “truth” so it can bury the JLP at the next election.

This enquiry like the others is not about the truth as many have been led to believe, instead its a deliberate strategy to misdirect the attention of the Jamaican population and the PNP as we all know is the master of misdirection and will spend any amount of money to do so at the expense of the very people the enquiry was said to have been setup to help.

Over the last 10 years we have had at least 4 enquiries

Enquiries                                                             Estimated Cost( $J million)

2001 – West Kingston enquiry                              $40

2010 –  Finsac enquiry                                         $120

20011 – Manatt/Dudus Enquiry                            $80

2014/15  West Kingston enquiry                          $400

Total cost of enquiry in just 14 yrs                       $640

This country would have spent close to $640m in under 14 years on various commission of enquiries, all setup to uncover the truth, but you tell me, what truth have been uncovered in the previous three, why we believe the fourth one would be any different?

I hear very educated individual suggesting the the cost of the enquiry pales on comparison to the getting the “truth”, but where is the data, where is the evidence on which these educated folks would have relied on to arrive at this conclusion.

To make that argument is more ridiculous, in 2001 a COE was set to investigate a similar situation as the one which transpired in 2010 , just 9 years later, the outcome of which was made public, but did nothing to prevent what happened in 2010.  Has anyone even taken the time out to ask why?

I don’t think anyone did, but is willing to swear that the cost is small when compared to the “truth”, which is a statement that is without merit and has  nothing to support it.

Folks, don’t be fooled by the so called educated and misguided people purporting to be experts as I have come to the realization that they all  have an agenda and that is to make significant “profits” at our expense, while telling us it is our best interest to support that agenda.

This COE is an expensive venture that we cannot afford and will not get us any closer to the truth.

If Jamaicans really want the truth, simply go to the constituencies of the following people and sit and speak with the residents in a no holds bar conversation, where their names would not be published.

While there find out why these areas have a over 95% vote for the incumbent MP

  1. Portia Simpson Miller
  2. Omar Davis
  3. Peter Phillips
  4. Desmond Mckenzie

The situation that led to the 2001 and 2010 police operations exist in the constituencies mentioned above albeit on a smaller scale.

I can guarantee you all that, in a space of just one week, you would be able to uncover the real truth and nothing but the truth without the camera, fanfare, expensive suits and high priced legal luminaries.

The monies one would save from these senseless enquiries could then be used to bring about meaningful changes in these areas in a more systematic and non partisan way, that would bring about the end of Garrison and bring hope for the residents in these areas.

That my friends is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Ask yourself, who are those suggesting that the COE must go on and we must get to the truth, then ask yourself the question, what is the personal interest of these folks. The answer to that question my readers will guide your though process going forward and allow you to make your own decision.


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