More job losses. J Ray and Nephew to cut 200 jobs !

J Ray and Nephew is set to cut just over 200 jobs as the new owners of the company seeks to reorganize its business. Those to be cut are represented by the NWU and the UAWU and both unions appears to have been aware of the impending cuts.

Like in the 1990’s when there was massive redundancy while the PNP was in power, the very same environment appears to coming again, where we hear more about job losses vs job creation.

We see foreigners buying local companies, but instead of jobs being created by these “investments”, we seem to be seeing jobs cuts, which means Jamaicans are getting shafted in the process and no real money is being transferred to Jamaica from these so called “investments”.

The PNP has failed once again to create the economic environment for business to thrive, despite the faith the electorate have in this party and after almost 25 years in power.

I am not sure what more Jamaicans want to see to come to the realization that the PNP is the best party to ruin Jamaica and the sooner and longer we can keep them out of power, the greater the chance of economic development in this country.

I wonder what government senator Lambert Brown who is the President of the UAWU will have to say about the action being taken at J Ray and Nephew.


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