Jamaica places 9th on the Misery Index

No surprizes here, as the PNP continues to mismanage the affairs of this country despite passing 6 consecutive IMF test.

The life of ordinary Jamaicans have progressively gotten worse over the years, which results in the level of social disorder that currently reigns supreme in the country.

The level of disorder than exist in Jamaica today is unprecedented with just about every sector being faced with complete breakdown of systems and procedures.

Yesterday we read about gas stations in halfway tree being overrun by taxis operators, many of whom are illegal and belong to agents of the state, its virtually free for all across the length and breadth of Jamaica.

This is part of the reason Jamaicans love the PNP as due to their extraordinary level of mismanagement, members of the public are left to run riot, knowing very well the PNP will allow this as it assures them more vote in the next elections, which are always on the horizon.

Another 10 years of the PNP in power and the country social structure would have been beyond repair and I am not being a pessimist either instead I am a complete realist.


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