Will the PNP ever learn what effective leadership is ?

Portia Simpson Miller has spent over 40 years in representational politics, but has failed to learn the basic tennats of effective leadership and what it means by economic growth and development. Majesty Gardens, Cocburn Gardens and Payne Land are all symbols of the maximum leader abject failure as a leader and anyone who expected any better from her as Prime Minister must have had their heads buried in the sand or were far removed from where the PM has been the only name for 4 decades.

You are able to judge an effective leader not by only the spoken words, the passion, but by actual results/achievements for the corporation or area that the person has or is leading.

Looking within the PNP there is moslty failures, their people complain about the most basic things a person who is truly a leader would have moved to address decades ago, but not so in Jamaica, we live in hope. Hoping that one day the PNP leaders will suddenly become managers and lead Jamaica to economic prosperity.

The Jamaican voting population must also share equal blame for the state of the country, because had they been holding this hapless bunch accountable, the crap which today passes for leadership would have long been replaced by truly effective leaderhip.

The JLP is also not without blame, as they have failed to present a united front, causing them to lose elections after elections and so deny the country of real chance of economic development.

Those in higher education are also at fault, using their educational status to help deceive the people that their is hope in the PNP , while lining their pockets with cash.

Will the voters ever learn?

Sadly I do not think so.


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