PNP continues to ruin Jamaica

I harbour very little faith that the Jamaican economy will ever see any sizeable growth and development under the incompetent PNP administration.

We have a clueless Prime Minister, a energy minister who knows not what he does, a transportation minister, construction and housing who has no idea about his job, a foreign affairs minister who is more concerned about appeasing foreigners vs working in the interest of Jamaica, a investment and commerce minister who could not even undertake a personal investment deal, which left him owing millions, which he only repaid after his party one.

A water minister who has failed at everything and every ministry in which he has been placed and continues to fail and has virtually nothing to show for this over 30 yrs being a MP.

The party is made of mostly of failures and they continue to ;lead the country on a path to failure, but somehow the blind voters in the country continues to ignore the messages and signals and continues to blindly support failure.

Jamaica has no future under the PNP !


2 Responses

  1. Stick to the facts. we have been passing IMF tests and having positive growth. People lie, facts don’t

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