Was the OUR decision on JPS about Politics vs Economics ?

The decision my the OUR to refuse a rate increase request by the JPS along with other items such as payments, is all about politics vs economics and could put Jamaica in a worst position if we are not very careful.

With elections due next year, the government via the Minister of Mining and Energy appears to have their hands all over this move by the OUR and it appears that the OUR has lost the Independence it once had on the table of politics.

Paulwell will no doubt be lauded by the general public as the minister who presided over the OUR at the time when JPS request was refused and to add further to his merit, actually was able to get JPS to reduce rates, outside of the reduction due to oil prices.

No doubt Phillip Paulwell expected hero status, but alas the PSOJ was all over the OUR heinie, for what it deemed unfair treatment of JPS.

We all welcome reduce price/cost but this cannot be done in a manner, where the viability of the entity involved is at risk.

I will have more to say on this matter in short order.

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