Chairman of the Commission of the Tivoli Enquiry set to earn $50m for this effort. Exceeds entire budget for Enquiry

It is understood that the Chairman of the Commission overseeing the Tivoli Enquiry is set to earn over $50m dollars, which is about equal to the entire budget that allocated for this event.

The chairman is set to earn an astonishing J$40,000 per hour for his effort from a Government that can barely afford to take care of the basic needs of the people.

The PNP continues to demonstrate a level of  ineptitude in matters of governance, which has left Jamaica staring down the barrel, despite all the nice pronouncements from the IMF and its surrogates.

The entire commission of inquiry is not set to cost just over $200 million dollars or 400% more than the $50m budget we were told about at onset of the inquiry.

The level of waste by the PNP is mind boggling and one wonders when Jamaicans will come to the realization that this party is bad for the country.

Simply amazing.

I guess by the time we fall out of love with these people, there will be nothing left of Jamaica and we will be scavenging much like Haiti is doing today

From RJR

The budget for the West Kingston Commission of  Enquiry is running ahead of  the projected cost.

RJR News requested a breakdown of  the J$50 million  budget that was outlined for the Enquiry through the Access to Information Act, and found that the salary of  the Chairman exceeds the stated budget.

Under the terms of  an agreement entered into October 13, 2014 Sir David Simmonds, who is chairing the Commission, will receive a maximum US$459,170.

Co-Commissioners Justice Hazel Harris and Professor Anthony Harriott are paid US$300 hourly and will each take home a maximum US$372-thousand.

Legal Counsel to the Commission of  Enquiry Garth McBean could  pocket up to US$446,100 while the Junior Counsel Symone Mayhew has signed on for US$371,750 US dollars .

A maximum of  US$249,600 has been set aside to pay Secretary to the Commission, Maria Jones.


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