PNP councillors blasts St Thomas Police Dept

The St Thomas police yesterday came under fire from the PNP councillors in the St Thomas Parish Council for daring to arrest a sitting PNP councillor, without reason and without making the necessary contact with the PNP General Council and the Commissioner of Police.

I did not know that once a politician at either the central or local government was being arrested, the General Secretary of the Party to which the person belong to must be contacted by the police.

The PNP councillor in this case was arrested because he choose to insert himself into a case which the police was investigating and is lucky he is not facing a criminal charge.

Commonsenseja was made to understand that a young 14 yr old child was sexually molested by a local clergy man and the cops were investigating this case. The councillor we understand made contact with the mother of the child involved  for reason which we don’t know, given the matter was already in the hands of the police. I guess one can conjure up a possible reason for what I choose to call inappropriate contact in a police matter.

I blame the cops for acting too quickly as had they waited on the outcome of these contact, they would have been in a better position to have a criminal charge against the councillor involved in this case. The Jamaican police must be taught the value of good investigation and not acting too quickly in cases like these that make them look like idiots, especially when you are going after politically connected people.

Councillor Hubert Williams , who sounded like a first class idiot, must be made aware that the cops will not be intimidated by this comments and will go after anyone, anywhere regardless of his status or political affiliation, if that is where the investigations leads.

The other idiot who choose to get into the personal life of the female commanding officer of the parish must be condemned in the strongest possible language..

I often wonder what is the qualification for becoming a councillor, is it being a loud mouth and an idiot, because for the most part this is what I see from our councillors.


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  1. The hypocrite is at it again. Where was the long tiatribe when YOUR MP, James Robertson, left the safety of his home late at night to snatch a known murderer, JLP Activist, Rameish Simpson, from the grasped of the Police as they encircled the wounded thug? James Robertson went even further to berate the Police in the process and to add insult to injury, went on a vicious campaign to plant bogus story about the Scting superindent (bell I believe) to destroy the good name and career of an outstanding police personnel.

    Jay, you are from that area, do you care to enlighten us on the career of Rameish Simpson? How many witnesses in his murder cases have been killed or how many murders have this fine upstanding Citizen from St. Thomas has committed over the years? I have linked a number of Newspaper articles that will serve to jog your impeccable memory and get you started in the right direction. Given your many reliable sources and your link to the Parish, I’m sure you have many more cases to add. Yes?

    I often wonder what is the qualification for becoming a councillor, it it being a loud mouth and a idiot, because for the most part this is what I see from our councillors.

    I think you have all the requisite skills to become a Councillor … You might even be over qualified for the position! Hypocrite…………….

    • The reasoning ability of some Jamaicans have been blamed for the position in which the country finds itself.

      People in trying to justifying a position, draw on what the beleive is a parallel, even when it is clear that the position is completly irrelevant.

      So the logic of this guys argument is, given the fact that you did not comment on a issue in 2009, you should not count on a similar kind of an issue in 2015.

      Brilliant logic, you must be a PNP councillor !

      • Logic? You fail to fully grasp basic concept. You wanted to score political points here and that is why you tagged the Councillor as a PNP Councillor and not simply a Councillor. Was he party affiliation important/relevant to the alleged crime? More on point, why not lambast your fellow Laborites for even more egregious crimes (10-fold)? Why, because you are a hypocrite of the highest order.

        I saw nothing on your blog about the male [JLP] Councillor who, along with another male, raped another young male (gang rape). I know, you were not aware of this or no one from Belmont Road sent that press release to you. Right? Nothing from you about your fellow Laborite Councillors (two at least) from Calrendon who were collecting double salaries from the Government…an illegal act! What say you hypocrite? How is that for Logics? Do you want me to list more? The more you say the more I’m convinced you are truly dense!

        • What do you say about Bunting comments,we would love to hear from you.

        • I am trying to determine the relevance of all the above and is trying to determine if you believe I should search for an equal “crime” on one side when I highlight a “crime” on the other side.

          I would like to assume that the information you mention above was in the media and that that police would have done their investigation and arrested those involved.

          I cannot however hearing any JLP Councillor blasting the police for arresting one of their colleagues for questioning in relation to the “crime” which was being alleged.,

          Can you clear to explain for us the difference in the behaviour of the Councillors on both side of the political fence, it the case I mentioned and the ones you choose to highlight.

          BTW you said I could have said a Councillor vs a PNP Councillor, but mate, was the man a PNP Councillor or not?
          Secondly, you choose to use the terms JLP Councillor, why did you not say Councillors ?

          We urgently await your unbiased response. 🙂

          I told you not to use the hypocrite because every time you do so, you appear to be internalizing the word

        • Jay wrote about the latter example.

        • There are a number of examples of PNP councillors who have been accused of engaging in criminal activities and JLP councillors are no different. The party of the Councillor is irrelevant, only the fact that the activity is criminal should be important. This is not a political problem, but due to your bias your want to make it a political problem, so you can then say that Jay is not credible, but this blog is not the place for you

        • Lipton:

          You are raging a one-man campaign to get rid of me on this blog, yet you have not made a credible case or proffer a single reason why “this blog is not the place for you” Do you care to explain? Is this how Labourites go about things when they are always on the losing end of the debates? I know you will disappear into the abyss due to your inability to provide answers put to you directly. I guess I will now lump you into the same hypocritical bunch as Jay.

          It is funny that you agree with me on the need to denounce Councillors on both sides of the political divide yet confound the issue by making preposterous claims about my political bias.

  2. Police transfer controversy – High Command denies talk of political interferance in St Thomas

    Published: Wednesday | January 7, 2009

    Arthur Hall, Senior Staff Reporter
    The leadership of the police force has scoffed at claims that the hurried transfer of the acting crime chief from St Thomas to St Catherine was based on the instruction of a government member of parliament (MP).

    “I have never and will never take instructions from any politician,” declared head of the Area Five Police, Assistant Commissioner Leon Rose, yesterday.

    Rose was responding to claims that the transfer of St Thomas acting crime chief, Inspector Carlos Bell, was linked to an ongoing controversy involving police personnel in the parish and West St Thomas MP, James Robertson.

    The inspector was informed of the transfer on Monday, two days after police in the parish announced they would serve summonses on Robertson for allegedly committing misdemeanours during an altercation with members of a police party in Norris, St Thomas, last Saturday.

    The decision by the Police High Command to transfer Bell came four months after he was congratulated by the hierarchy for the quality of his performance in the parish and was assured that he would not be transferred.

    No outside influence

    While not providing details on the reason for Bell’s transfer, Rose was adamant that there was no outside influence.

    “The fact is that Bell’s transfer is temporary and not based on any directive from any politician,” the veteran officer said.

    Robertson was equally dismissive of the claims as he denied knowledge of the transfer of the inspector who has served St Thomas for several years.

    “That claim of political interference in the transfer of a member of the force is an insult to the maturity of our nation,” Robertson told The Gleaner.

    “I have not played any role in the transfer of Inspector Bell,” Robertson added.

    The MP could soon face charges for the alleged use of abusive language to the police and obstructing the police.

    He is alleged to have committed the misdemeanours during an incident in which he drove Rameish Simpson to hospital.

    Simpson, who the police claim was wanted for questioning in connection with several crimes, was nursing a gunshot wound following an alleged shoot-out with the police.

    While admitting that he drove the man to hospital, Robertson has claimed that this was done with the full knowledge of the Police High Command and that he was escorted by members of the police force.

    Difference of opinion

    Robertson has also denied the allegations that he was abusive to the police during a confrontation.

    “I know Inspector Bell and we have had a difference of opinion, but never a clash, and I have not seen him for some time,” Robertson said yesterday.

    But police sources in St Thomas claim that there has been tension between some of Robertson’s constituents and Bell since an incident in 2006.

    It is alleged that the inspector seized some high-powered motorcycles in the parish, one of which, investigations later revealed, was owned by a political activist who was murdered in St Catherine, the same division in which Bell has been transferred.

    The Gleaner further understands that at the time the motorcycles were seized, Bell was approached by influential persons in the constituency who wanted him to release the bikes, but he refused.

    Efforts to get a comment from Bell yesterday were unsuccessful.

    The Opposition People’s National Party has expressed concern about the timing of the transfer of the inspector who has was the acting crime chief for the parish.

  3. Police Federation and high command slams PNP councillors. I guess Mr Anonymous is in full support of the councillors actions.

  4. DPP Charges councillor for attempting to pervert the course of Justice. I guess Mr Anonymous must be lived with the DPP for charging a PNP councillor, how dare the DPP !

    i keep saying, comrades must be careful how when they try to challenge Jay as they always will come out at the losing end.

    I did say he is lucky not to be criminally charged, but low and behold he was not so lucky after-all

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