Young politician building a mansion at Plantation Heights

I am always amazed at how quickly the wealth of politicians can grow once they come to office. I am in no way suggesting any wrong doing here, instead I am merely making an observation of what is before me. One can recall the Minister of Investment and Commerce owing millions of dollar on a commercial transaction while he was in opposition, but was able to settle the multi-million dollar debt, once his party was returned to power.

We now have a first time member of parliament building a mansion at Plantation Heights after being in office for just over three years.

It is often said that politics does not pay and its better to stay in the private sector, but it appears that here in Jamaica, than myth is turned on its head.

Once again, I am not suggesting any wrong doing, instead I believe it is really amazing how quickly people are able to afford these things once they are in politics and their political party is in power.


2 Responses

  1. Give your last statement, coupled with others in this post, it is obvious that you are pointing the finger at a PNP Member of Parliament and implying directly or indirectly, that some how he acquire his money by some corrupt means since becoming a MP for the ruling party. Yes? My guess is, you have ruled out the possibility that he acquired his wealth over time and is just in a position to build this so-called mansion now…a matter of timing.

    Out of curiosity, who fed you this information? Is this another Official Press Release from Belmont Road and you just happen to be a willing conduit? BTW, I see nothing about the low murder rate this year (2014). No graph showing trends and correlation with which party is in power. I guess good news doesn’t make it to your blog when associated with the PSM administration. Essentially, you have started the year in stride, beginning where you left off.

  2. Pictures please.

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