Lambert Brown should never have been a senator !

Jamaica appears to have no standards in the selection of credible people who can become elected members of Parliament, senators, Councillors, Mayors  or sit on the board of public bodies.

The only criteria appears to be the persons must be a active member of the ruling party and that is enough.

This country has many bright and creative people, who if given the opportunity can lead this country to prosperity, instead what we have are a set of people whose only claim to fame or useful qualification is being a member of the ruling party.

The bar in Jamaica is set  so low that even a snake can get over it, which explain why we can have persons like Lambert Brown being a government senator and  many idiots who cannot speak a proper sentence being Councillors.

Lambert Brown in his heyday and the UAWU was one of the most destructive forces this country has ever seen and was solely responsible for many multinationals such as Goodyear and Colgate fleeing Jamaica and in so doing putting thousands of workers on the streets.

This man’s legacy is checkered at best and how he end up becoming a legislator is behind comprehension. It however shows the serious deficit that exist in the leadership structure of the country, when a Prime Minister can select someone of this character to become a senator.

Jamaicans do not pay enough attention to the issue of governance and does not use the immense power we have to ensure the issue of effective leadership become the name of the game.  Had Jamaican been really interested in the issue of governance, someone who was responsible for hundreds of job loss by virtue of idiotic positions, could NEVER have been appointed a senator as the mass protest of the working class would have ensured that such a position would have been untenable .

We however sit back and allow just about anyone to selected to positions of authority, for which they are niether suitable or qualified and then wonder why Jamaica cannot seem to move forward .

When people like Robert Pickergill who is the worst and most incompetent politician this country has ever produced can win election after election and then given positions for which he cannot perform and continues to fail at, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why Jamaica is where it is today.

When someone of the calibre of Portia Simpson Miller can become Prime Minister of Jamaica, its a clear sign that the only place Jamaica can go is down.

Folks this is not an attack on the character of anyone, its the cold truth which we must be willing to address if we ever hope to move this country forward.

There is absoluetly no doubt in my mind that there are far too many incompetent minister in the PNP cabinet as well as in the senate, in the parish councils and sitting on the board of public bodies.

I beleive its high time that some sort of minimum criteria  be set for these people, because if we continue on this sort of trajectory, it is very clear where the country is going to end up. If we truly love Jamaica and want to see this country move forward, it means Simpy being a supporter of a political party cannot be the sole criteria for selection and then possible election to any office.

The million dollar question is, as a country are we satisfied with the current system and the results it is producing and if not are we willing to ensure that we agitate for a radical change as being described above ?


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