Who elected Lambert Brown ?

GOVERNMENT Senator Lambert Brown says that the civil society bodies that have suspended their participation in the Administration’s Partnership For Jamaica (PFJ) initiative are irresponsible and should be barred from sitting on public bodies, like the Integrity Commission.

He said that this should be looked at in the context of the decision that the people’s representatives (political affiliates) were being excluded from the commission.

“We can’t just have people who are not elected, not even selected being part of it,” Brown insisted.

Lambert Brown has been one of the most destructive union leader this country has ever seen and was responsible to thousands of workers losing their jobs and many multinationals fleeing the country.

How on earth did he make it to the senate to spout rubbish is beyond me, but again this is Jamaica, where any idiot can become a senator or even an MP.

This guy needs to be booted from the senate before he does as much arm as he did to the manufacturing sector in the 1990’s.

The standards in Jamaica are way too low and that explain why people like Lambert Brown can become a senator and be allowed to debate and pass laws.

I really feel sorry for Jamaica, to see what the country has become boggles the mind.


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  1. Just another dinosaur.

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