What is Jamaica’s real problem, preventing economic growth ?

  1. We have many people with Phd’s
  2. We have thousands of people with Masters Degree
  3. We are thousands of people with Bachelors Degree
  4. We have many professors
  5. We have many educated people in high office
  6. We have all the natural resources we need
  7. We have many skilled people at our disposal
  8. We have many very skilled Jamaicans living overseas
  9. We have a stable democracy
  10. We have the freedom of speech
  11. We have freedom of the press
  12. We are free and fair elections
  13. We have great sunshine and beaches
  14. We are close to the USA
  15. We are the largest in the English speaking Caribbean
  16. We are very hard workers
  17. Our people are very smart and adaptable
  18. Our people shine on the international stage
  19. We have many Rhodes Scholars
  20. We have more universities that any other English speaking Caribbean country.

With all that we have, what is preventing this country from moving forward, instead of being at the back of the pack in the Caribbean ?


One Response

  1. Tribalisation. This has caused ineffective politicians to be elected and be apart of the governance of the country. Our loving a party and/or its leaders have cost us dearly.

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