How does the Prime Minister keep herself informed

The Outameni controversy has shown up what we already know and that is the poor stewardship of the Prime Minister, who does everything apart from leading.

The Prime Minister according to her own words wrote to her minister in 2012 requesting of him action on the Outameni experience business and two years after that request was made the Prime Minister is telling the nation he did not respond.

Is there a mechanism in the PNP for Minister to keep the Prime Minister informed , or is it a free for all do as you please kind of operations.

The Prime Minister said in Parliament that she has now instructed to board to keep her abreast of what is taking place via board meeting minutes etc, yet the Prime Minister has someone from her own office sitting on the board and participating in these meetings, from which I am sure minutes would have been generated.

How does the Prime Minister holds who report to her accountable, how does she keep herself informed as clearing we see this Prime Minister has no clue what is going on around her.

If the INSTRUCTIONS now issued to the NHT board are not followed what actions are to be taken as it relates to these board members.

Why is the Prime Minister making this change, given the fact that she and cabinet has maintained that the board has done nothing wrong and the decision made on the Orange Groove within the mandate of the NHT.

If the system is working as well as they are suggesting, why make any change in the reporting structure ?


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