What does the Minister of Information brings to the table ?

Why do we need a minister with responsibility for information ?

What should  the public be getting from this minister?

Are we getting anything of substance from this paid public position ?

If all the minister can do is to quote from statements made by a minister in parliament or at a cabinet meeting and is not in a position to answer any question, then what is the point of having someone in this paid position.

The current minister of information continues to be ill-prepared for the few press conferences that are held and presents more often than not, no new information to the public, leading one to question her relevance other than collecting a pay check.

I have been writing since 2012 that these press briefings are being used to disrespect journalist who try to get answers to matters of national importance and it is even more of an issue, when the minister believes she has been cornered and  reacts out of frustration.

If Sandrea cannot anticipate the questions and provides the answers at a press conference, its either she takes along those who have the answers or ask journalist to post the questions on line  and then have the responsible ministry official respond  via the same medium .

As it currently stands the current press conference is a waste of time and as far as I am concerned the post of Information Minister can be made redundant and save the taxpayers some money.



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