JLP will be clobbered in Central Westmoreland today.

Here is an exchange in today’s election as reported by the Gleaner

young Jamaica Labour Party member today refused to entertain a request from organisers that he buy votes on behalf of Faye Reid Jacobs.

Colin Virgo who unsuccessfully contested the South Manchester seat in 2011, bluntly told two female party workers that he would not be giving them money to induce anyone to vote.

“The people must make up dem mind if dem want change.

Me Not buying any vote,” Virgo said.

However, that fact appeared to be lost on the party worker who pointed out to Virgo that a group of men nearby was prepared to mark ballots for Reid if they are paid.

“A so we a go get fi win cause the other side a do it,” she pressed.

“Dem need fi do supme mek me come out a di wilderness.

How yuh fi run election and nuh have money?” one man quizzed

All this time, the female party worker was pleading with Virgo, who in addition to telling her that he has had to personally fund his presence in the constituency, said he is firmly against the vote buying.

“If Westmoreland win the whole Jamaica gain,” the woman said.

But Virgo was unmoved.

Annoyed, the woman walked away while muttering some choiced words.

“Thats why we never going to win. Dem too mean, dats the problem, dem too tight,” she said.


Sadly, the woman is correct, the PNP will do what is required to gain or retain power, the JLP on the other hand refuses to look after laboutrites resulting in them losing time and time again.


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